A day (or five) on the farm…

After a lovely week at Le Moulin Fort our next stop was only 30 min down the road at Ferme du Prunay, a teaching farm (ferme pedagogique) and campsite in Seillac.

If Le Moulin Fort was family friendly then Ferme du Prunay is kid-tastic. The child free camper would be advised to give this place a wide berth during July and August. We started the week as typically buttoned-up, middle class Brits tutting over how late other people’s kids were allowed to stay up. By the end of our stay we were in the bar every night catching occasional glimpses of our daughter tearing past barefoot and shrieking in a big gang of kids until it got dark.

The farm runs daily activities for children and has donkeys, goats, a pig and chickens which you can visit at any time.  Some of the organised activities are more unusual than others. The “meet the animals” session began with each child being photographed with a chicken on their head…. More successful was the lengthy tractor ride through the forest where the passengers had to shout in French to go faster. There’s also a play room, a book swap and a boat you can take out on the lake on site.

It’s hard to find anything negative to say about the campsite. Maybe the surface around the pool is a little rough for my delicate feet…? Maybe the service is a little “relaxed” in the lovely Kon Tiki bar? We stayed an extra night rather than moving on to rainy Rouen and you get the feeling it would be easy to stay there for the rest of the summer surrounded by sunflowers.


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