A worthwhile stop in Wortham

A little aside from our fab weekend in Swattesfield is the amazing Wortham Stores and Teashop. I really can’t recommend this little place for a tea stop enough!

I’ve been travelling the A143 for years visiting my parents and without children we used to do the journey in one hit, the big teapot sign we always worthy of comment though (biiiiggg teeeeaaapooottt!! – I’m so mature!!)  and meant that it wasn’t that far to go.

Now SC is along for the ride it’s almost exactly the time that she wakes up and is extremely dissatisfied that we haven’t arrived yet. To deflect the non-stop requests for Paw Patrol it’s the perfect stop for an early lunch, the staff are friendly, the food is amazing and very reasonable, big breakfasts until 1pm, doorstep toasted sandwiches and lots of local produce (the sausages are to die for). 

Here’s to great little places that make our journeys through life more delicious! Where are your hidden gems?


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