New Bongo year, old faves…

It’s nearly here! We’ve been to the car wash in the Homebase car park, popped the top and nearly broken our necks getting the big awkward plastic box of camping stuff down from the attic. It’s Bongo time!

Thought I would mark the new camping year by reflecting on my top picks from last year before I started the blog.

1. Thetford Forest 

Awesome trip about this time last year. We stayed on the neat and expensive C&CC site only five minutes from the lovely High Lodge Forestry Commission centre. There’s a great trail through the forest and Stick Man trail to keep short campers entertained. We’ve been every year since we bought Bernice and I’m sure we’ll be back in 2017.

2. Ramsgate / Broadstairs 

It was stunning weather in May last year and we had a lovely time rock pooling in Broadstairs. We were wondering why so many people were congregated on such a small stretch of sand when there was such beautiful beaches for miles. The speed of the tide coming in soon put us right…

3. Bedgebury

If there’s one thing I love more than a great campsite it’s a great secret campsite. Bedgebury camping is only open for 28 days over the summer. It’s a large, lush eco campsite with gorgeous views, a little, shop and a visiting chip van. Campfires are allowed in old tractor wheels and it’s the best star gazing that we’ve ever done.

There are rope swings on every tree and SC ran feral with her new pals for the duration of our stay.

It’s only 10 min from another great Forestry Commission centre Bedgebury Pinetum (pronounced pine-EE-tum not pine-tum as I always had done). Too many great facilities to list. Book your stay today!

Happy New (camping) Year to you all!!


4 thoughts on “New Bongo year, old faves…

  1. BTW we are thinking about a rock and roll bed/side conversion. Any pros/cons that you can share?


    • Hi. Thanks for your comments!
      We bought Bernice with a side conversion already so I can’t compare comfort wise. The bed is quite narrow with a side conversion, it’s snug for 2 adults and obviously you’ll have less seats for driving. However it is lovely sitting round the table and it’s nice to put the kettle on and play cards when it’s battering down with rain outside!
      Enjoy Bedgebury, I’m sure we’ll be back this year! Jess


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