A lament for poor Bernice

I write with sad news regarding my poor Bernice… It turns out that someone else wanted Bernice all for themselves but she was more wiley than they bargained for!

I popped out of a work conference on Sunday lunchtime feeling pretty gleeful. Conference finished early, gorgeous weather and only one more day of work until our first trip of the year – five days at the Waveney River Centre. I called Scott to share my joy before cycling home and there was bought down to earth with a bump – someone had broken into Bernice and tried to get her started. They had not been successful but in the process they had caused a lot of damage to the steering column.

The past few days have been a bevy of phone calls and visits and sorting and organising. I don’t want to be too Pollyanna about it but I have to say that I cannot fault the police, Lifesure (insurance guys) or the replacement car people. Everyone has been so efficient, friendly and sympathetic it was almost worth it to make you feel warm and fuzzy about people (except the scumbags who did it in the first place…obviously). Even the tow truck man was a complete darling.

Bye bye Bernice…. 😢

Bernice has been taken to a specialist garage in Dagenham and we await further news on whether the insurance company will pay up. We have a hire car so we’re still off to the Waveney centre tomorrow in a *whisper*…..tent. The horror!

I have to say I did not realise how much storage Bernice had until I tried to fit everything into a medium sized Peugeot. The nighttime temperatures are a fraction (about 15 degrees) under what I might have hoped for in a tent but hopefully you will continue to read my blog for a short section known as Adventures with Bernice (without Bernice).


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