Bernice on the Island

Bernice’s triumphant return and our half term holiday to the Isle of Wight had an inauspicious start when SC fell down a full flight of outside stairs on the ferry leaving her covered in nasty scrapes and howling.

Whilst the Red Funnel staff were delightful, helpful and concerned they were also lacking in any basic first aid supplies and someone had to be dispatched to the kitchen to get some industrial sized blue catering plasters while we mopped up the blood as best we could.

We had already long docked at East Cowes by this point so we were no one’s favourite people as we ran the length of the boat carrying a bawling SC to where Bernice was blocking the exit to the car deck.

And thus began our holiday on the Isle of Wight….

Last smile for a while…..

We were booked into Grange Farm campsite in Brightstone Bay on the south west of the island. We arrived in a persistent drizzle and found a spot supposedly overlooking the sea although the fog was so dense you could barely see your Bongo from six foot away.

I’ve got a confession to make. I love camping, I really do and as a camping blogger I feel I should be intrepid and enthusiastic embracing the amazing possibilities of every new place we arrive in.

As anyone that knows me will tell you I don’t actually deal well with change and, with SC still below par, spent the first evening mooching about despondently in the rain finding unwarranted fault with everything at the campsite.
We needn’t have worried though as sunnier times we’re just around the corner!


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