Camping with kid(s)

I came across a nice little article in the Telegraph about camping with kids here. I like the way it didn’t over romanticise it, kids or not, we’ve all been in a camping situation where we wondered if we actually got a wink of real sleep in between the brief surreal dreams and misbehaving sleeping bags trying to strangle us.

It bought our first camping trip with SC to mind when we were still using Quentin (the tent-in). We camped at Debden House Campsite in Epping Forest in June 2013. It was generally a disaster with SC falling off the same chair twice, burning her hand on the stove and forgetting a range of slightly essential equipment including the tin opener. It didn’t put us off though and here we are four years later 😀.

Teeny weeny SC camping with Quentin in the background

I am not even slightly a parenting blogger, a parenting expert (sounds of laughter) or a camping expert but here are my top tips for camping with kid (I can’t really comment on the plural….).

  •  Let them pack a bag of their own stuff to take away even if it means arriving with a single duplo block, a headless Barbie and a felt tip pen with the lid left off
  • Allow all rules and routines to slide, this includes bed times, nutritional content of meals and the need for washing (obviously, its camping).
  • Encourage gangs. Never mind family time, your aim is for your kid to run barefoot and feral with their new pals while you read your book in the sun and sip a G&T regardless of the time of day.
  • Don’t be too precious about screens. Yes, you want lovely, wholesome quality time enjoying the great outdoors, playing board games and bonding as a family but if two episodes of Dora the Explorer on the iPad gets you a mini lie in then do yourself a favour.
  • Don’t try and do too much in the day. One organised activity per day is ample allowing time for general “sitting”, “watching the world go by”, admiring other Bongos, talking to your neighbours and having a beer or two.

Hope this helps! Coincidentally we’re heading back to Debden House a week on Friday for the weekend so expect an update soon.

Have a great week.


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