Bernice on Instagram!

A bit slow to the party but Bernice now has her own account on Instagram!

Please do follow her on @adventureswithbernice.

Gratuitous picture of Bernice in the elderflower orchard at Thistledown Farm in Gloucestershire

I was a bit slow to Instagram myself but it’s a great place to contact other Bongo owners and see their adventures.

I’m particularly enjoying:





@loubeeeloo – owner of Betsy Bongo

My fave account at the moment though is @bertie_b_adventures and their #44daysofsummer hashtag. I’m pretty envious of their Bongo and their summer of fun, check it out!

Other campervans are available to follow. Something called a “V” “W” seems to gaining popularity 😋.

Bernice is also on Twitter @bongoblogging and Facebook here so get in touch!

One week to the next big trip, back to Swattesfield for the bank holiday weekend. See this post for my first review of this lovely site in Suffolk. There’s a big gang of us going and a bunch of kids so we’re doing sun dances around the clock….

Swattesfield in Sept 2016. Bet it’ll be busier next week!


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