Swattesfield in ten

Here’s a quick top ten of our fab trip to Swattesfield. Sorry for the delay, I’ve been very busy turning the big 4 0!

1. We were very lucky to see the shining yellow ball in the sky on more than one occasion. Yes, miraculously for the August bank holiday, it was SUNNY!

2. It was the maiden voyage of the Coleman Event Shelter (see here for background). Never has the erection of a jointly owned, oversized gazebo been so hotly anticipated. It was worth the wait, it’s solid as a rock and lovely to have a communal area to shelter from the elements.

3. Swattesfield is great for kids. There’s loads of kids but also loads of space for tearing around and the wooded area has an epic tyre swing. There’s also chickens and sheep for the little ones.

4. It’s welcoming for dogs. The spotty member of the party seemed to enjoy himself.

5. There’s loads to do without moving your Bongo. See here for more info about the local Thornham Walks, in addition, there’s a lovely cafe with a playground and a couple of decent pubs in walking distance.

6. Conversely there’s lots to do within an hours drive (see the website here for more info). We took the kids to Lowestoft beach on Sunday and they had a whale of a time. Lynne and Barrie tried to go to Southwold but it was absolutely heaving, they ended up in an amazing maize maze nearby instead but made it out in time for tea.

7. The food was top notch. With seven adults and four kids Lynne insisted on an organised approach food rather than the Belmonte “sausage, beans and beer” as standard. We were variously treated to chilli, pasta and a lovely barbecue with an actual salad. Salad! This was glamping indeed…. The campsite does also have a wood fired pizza oven which we saw in use every night.

8. Dave the site manager is friendly and welcoming in a gruff, winding-you-up kind of way. I gave as good as I got when I overheard him dissing the mighty Mazda Bongo!

The mighty Mazda Bongo in question..

9. Ah, campfires, bit of a recurring theme in this blog but I do have a soft spot for a site where you can have a campfire in the evening. It was so lovely to be sitting out under the dark starry sky, beer in hand having a chat after the kids were tucked up. We don’t often camp with others so it was nice to catch up with some of our closest friends and family in such a beautiful setting.

10. All in all I can’t think of a nicer place or nicer people to spend the last days of my 30s with. Here’s to another decade of great camping…. 🥂


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