Sun, sea and servals

Kessingland Camping and Caravanning Club could be described as neat and obliging. They called us to check out our ETA on the Friday night. After a tedious crawl out of London covering only ten miles in an hour progress had, in fact, stalled at a McDonalds just outside Harlow.

No matter, they said, they would leave our pitch details in the “late arrivals” post box (this was said a bit pointedly). We took the hint and put our foot down, Happy Meal balloons bobbing around in the van.

This site is small and well kept, the toilets and dishwashing block are spotless, there’s a small shop selling the essentials and a small playground. The showers are amazing, powerful enough to make your head bleed. It’s a very caravan-y site, only a few tents, mainly massive motorhomes dwarfing Bernice.

There’s two enormous wind turbines looming over the site if that kind of thing bothers you. Personally I like them and find them quite soothing.

Camping and Caravanning Club sites have great facilities and everyone is always very quiet and considerate but they are never going to capture my heart like Swattesfield or Bedgebury. That said, we met some lovely people and, possibly the world’s cutest puppy – a four month old miniature poodle called Bertie.

Great to have the flamingos out again, check out the blue, blue sky

The campsite shares a drive with Africa Alive! and this is where we headed on Saturday morning. It’s a medium sized African themed conservation park set over 100 acres.

Now, Wildlife Photographer of the Year I am not so I will not embarrass myself by posting my terrible blurry indistinct photos of the various animals but all I will say is that Africa Alive is absolutely fantastic. It’s beautifully kept and has over 1000 animals including giraffes, zebras, rhinos and owls along with less well known animals such as the addax and the serval (my new favourite animal if I was ten and had to write an essay on it…).

It’s big enough so there’s loads to see but small enough to feel manageable. If your legs are tired there’s a land train. We only went on it for SC of course….

We were also lucky enough to see the Mighty Zulu Nation Theatre Company perform. This was such an amazing blast of colour and noise, I can’t recommend them enough.

With the weather being so gorgeous on Sunday it would have been rude not to spend an hour or so on the beach. The campsite is about a mile from Kessingland beach. There’s limited parking on the seafront but there’s a beach car park about 10 min walk away. There’s a 2.1m height restriction but the actual height is taller and Bernice went under with room to spare.

Alright, yes, I bought the windmill for myself….

Kessingland has many tempting eateries including a tea room (I LOVE a good tea room), a fish and chip restaurant and a lovely looking pub on the beach front. We had the promise of Sunday lunch with my folks however so we managed to resist and headed off after a fantastic sunny weekend.

2018 is not the year where we are going to do the most camping but it is the year where I am going to get Bernice reorganised for maximum camping efficiency!!! I thought I might do a little video tour of Bernice so let me know what you want to see!


2 thoughts on “Sun, sea and servals

  1. We have a Ford model of the Bongo called Freda. It would be great to see a vid of Bernice and what you have done/doing with her for some inspiration. I already have the led lights on a cord that you recommended.
    We stayed at Kessingland before we had Freda and found it a great central place from which to explore. I rode my bike to Southwold 9 miles down the road for a Daddy day trip. The Suffolk coast is lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It was a really lovely weekend, love Suffolk. Can’t wait for SC to be a bit bigger for some longer bike rides. Thanks so much for the encouragement, I will get on to that video!


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