Trying to be miserable…

Train tickets were booked and Airbnb cranked up to head off to a family christening in Crewe this weekend. Unfortunately my mum had a bad fall and broke her leg so we reset our compass and seized the chance for a bonus hospital-visiting trip to Norfolk in Bernice.

We booked into the Waveney River Centre at Burgh St Peter for the rock bottom bargainous price of £17 for one night. This site is right by the river and has so many facilities it would be boring to list them all. The camping pitched are right by the river overlooking the marina, there’s a great playground for short campers and the absolute crowning glory of the site is the fabulous indoor heated swimming pool.

Hospital visiting was done on Saturday and after a long trip (its further than we thought) the weather was pretty wet and gloomy. I woke up on Sunday morning in the AFT to the rain battering down and thought it would be more of the same. There’s something really lovely about being snuggled up in the roof, especially in my amazing Vango double harmony sleeping bag, listening to the terrible weather and knowing that we’re safe and dry in Bernice. Just a shame that at some point you’re going to have to get up and brave the outdoors.

Luck was on our side however as the rain stopped in time for breakfast and a brisk walk round the marina with SC picking our favourite boat and debating whether a swan would be a good pet. Obviously we had bought our swimming stuff and headed straight for the pool when our breakfast had gone down. The pool is top notch although it was pretty busy on a chilly October morning, it must be packed in the summer. There’s a jacuzzi and a big picture window stretching the whole length of the front with views onto the river. Is there such a thing as spa camping? Can I suggest it as a concept?

The weather had become really lovely, a fresh nippy autumn day. It had been a tough week for various reasons so I was trying hard to be miserable but it was pretty difficult with this view:

My Dad popped over on the way to the hospital and we went for lunch at the Waveney Inn which is on site. Friendly staff and massive portions are the order of the day. I had the fish with sweet potato chips which was fab (served on a chopping board if that kind of thing bothers you…). The only downside is the room of fruit machines which takes away from the atmosphere a bit for me. Food wise, there’s also a take away pizza place for the campsite which we didn’t get to try.

If we could have stayed longer there’s tonnes to do nearby. There’s a pedestrian foot ferry linking the site to Carlton Marshes Nature Reserve (where I did work experience as a teenager), loads of walks, fishing and loads of boat related activities. Yet again, I think this will need a repeat visit, maybe for a week, soon there won’t be time to go to work….


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