A wild night with Quentin

Now, I know what you’re thinking about this blog. Look at that happy wholesome family enjoying every second of their wholesome camping adventures…..

Arriving at the Waveney River Centre (WRC) in our overstuffed hire car we set about putting up our rarely used tent of unknown age. The tent was given to us through a convoluted set of events and missing any form of instructions. The ground was rock hard, unkind words were said, threats were made to turn round and go home, children were shouted at and at one point a newly bent tent peg was thrown quite some distance.

A long, long time later the tent was up and immediately christened Quentin.

Looking happy and wholesome in Quentin… 

The weather forecast had been next to useless for the area we were staying, changing hourly. When Friday morning was due to have dark cloud but was actually like this…

….we were thinking weekend weather WIN!

Come the evening we were unperturbed by a light shower and retired to the excellent Waveney Inn on site to sample the local ale and play a couple of rounds of Guess Who.

Unfortunately the light shower became a heavier shower, then heavier then proper battering down rain accompanied by a howling gale. Despite judicious pegging and guy roping things were flapping and decidedly diagonal.

We put SC to bed then spent an pointless evening doing the following….

1. Read one paragraph of book

2. Look anxiously at water coursing down the roof of the tent and listen to keening wind

3. Have discussion with Scott about how the tent won’t hold up / what if it leaks / how much we miss Bernice

4. Repeat

Luckily Quentin did not let us down and a noisy but dry night was had by all. Saturday dawned breezy but fabulous and we cracked on with using the WRC excellent facilities (more to follow).

Distant view of Quentin

Still missing Bernice though 🚐


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