Happy new (camping) year

Hello! A happy new camping year to you all. Every year I swear I’ll keep my blog up all over the winter but this is pretty slack even by my standards. Lucky I don’t rely on it for a living….

There’s been some changes in the Belmonte household. After nine happy years we had to have lovely Mac the cat put to sleep after he became unwell with lung cancer. He was not much of a camping fan but he would keep an eye on things at home for us while we were away. Usually snoring belly-up on the sofa for nineteen hours.

After a few weeks the house felt a bit sad and empty so we found space in our hearts for two more rescue cats – Kizzy and Midnight.

The new boys need to stay in for a few weeks, they’ve got a busy schedule of eating anything not under lock and key and bopping each other on the head, so we’re a bit limited on the camping front at the moment.

Bernice has been out and about though for some great day trips (most of which were squeezed into the single lovely May Bank holiday weekend). I’m almost embarrassed to tell you that we were back to our two faves which I’ve written about before –Thetford Forest and Herne Bay (other forests and coastal towns are available….). They never disappoint though – more details of things to do in the original posts… 👍🏻

We had a great city break in Bristol which I’ll do a separate post about.

We’ve got some exciting holiday plans for 2018 include visiting family in Germany, camping in the Lake District (must get on and book that) and a trip to Liverpool.

Here’s to a great year of Bongoing 🥂


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