Camping haul!

Check it out, check it out!! We are a family with DESIGNATED CAMPING DUVETS!

Sick of lugging a strangely sized double duvet up and down the stairs every time we went camping I headed to Matalan for new bedding JUST FOR CAMPING!!

The normal (“adult”?) duvet covers in Matalan looked like something your elderly great aunt might have had at the start of the 90s. The kids section had this camping themed beauty however….

It’s only available in a single (I nearly cried!) so I remained in the kids section for this llama themed double….

Yes, I have put it directly on the duvet without washing it first. You can judge me…

The recent opening of Decathlon in Charlton is a cause of camping joy and very convenient for me to pick up a new camping table (the old one had an argument with some barbecue coals) and a new camping chair.

Here’s Scott looking super natural in the middle of the lawn. I’ll take a photo of the new table in action…

We’re off tomorrow on the dot of 5pm to Kessingland Camping and Caravanning Site in Suffolk. There’s a beach, there’s giraffes, can’t wait!


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